Manuel Liñán Espectáculos



As a child I would lock myself in my room and dress in my mother’s green skirt. She adorned my hair with flowers, made me up, and danced secretly. That dance was unthinkable outside those four walls.

A cry for the freedom of transformation.

Baile de autor

A dancing fantasy divided into different choreographies, a show that lives in the mind of the artist and his creativity, A dream which he alone imagines and which we can all witness, an awakening and the void.

Baile de autor unites Manuel Liñan as choreographer and performer


An emotional journey to our first memories, a stop in our core, where the essence of who we are inhabits us.

Reversible means that something is able to be changed back to an earlier or original state.


This group of artists enjoys searching, traveling, changing positions, physically and emotionally. Movement is a part of their lives as they look for new places where they can express their ideas, ideas upon which the author of the show feeds as choreographer and performer.

This show is therefore a dance for movement, a song for the immense tapestry in which we live


My intention in this journey is to emphasize that my scope of emotions is inhabited by yours, that my feelings have to do with yours, that a simple reaction may be provoked by your smile and the contributions that others have offered me, even those that we sometimes cannot see or are not aware that we need, have filled an inner part of myself, which alone would not have the same significance or the same COLOR

Synergy: the joint cooperation of various elements, which alone would not produce the same effect as the sum of their separate effects.


Un concepto que se mueve entre la tradición y la vanguardia, una manera de exponer las inquietudes de dos artistas, sacando así la parte mas experimental.

Con-vivencias es un espectáculo creado para espacios no convencionales.