Manuel Liñán, 1980

Sprung from pure Flamenco, this artist exudes purity from himself and his dance. Manuel Liñán is life, freshness and passion. After many years researching new tendencies, the dancer and choreographer leans toward tradition, reaching a point of sheer geniality and simplicity, as he becomes a trend setter in Flamenco vanguard dancing.

His presentations are characterized by an absolute control of the stage due to his ability to create new paradigms to draw from. Manuel weaves a solid and traditional web where the Flamenco voice (cante), the guitar and the dance are hosts.

He has performed as a solo artist in various companies: Merche Esmeralda, Teresa Nieto and the New Spanish Ballet. He has also performed with artists like Belen Maya and Rafaela Carrasco. With Olga Pericet he also directed Camara Negra and with Marco Flores, Dos en Compañia.


Bailaor, choreographer and director

Manuel Liñán is not only a dancer, but a choreographer and director. He has been invited on many occasions to choreograph for the Spanish National Ballet, Rafaela Carrasco, Teresa Nieto and the Spanish New Ballet. Drawing from these experiences he appears in REW with Daniel Doña in a project which allows him to develop as a choreographer and codirector.


Solo shows

A long trajectory

In 2008 he begins his solo career in TAURO. Later he continuous with MUNDO, APARTE and SINERGIA, where he had the opportunity to travel to numerous prestigious festivals like the Jerez Festival which bestowed on him the best newcomer dancer prize.

A year later he was awarded the MAX de las Artes Escenicas prize as the best male performer and the first critic’s prize from FLAMENCO HOY.

In 2014 he presents NOMADA in the Jerez Festival,  where he once again displays his talent both as a choreographer and a dancer.

REVERSIBLE his last work was premiere in 2016.




As a soloist it is worth highlighting his participation in Merche Esmeralda´s dance company as lead dancer, in the show Campanas Flamencas along with La Tati and Milagros Menjibar and in Teresa Nieto´s dance company.

He also participated in shows such as: Los Caminos de Lorca, along with Belén Maya and Rafaela Carrasco, being advised by Cristina Hoyos.

He was a guest artist in the Bienal de Sevilla Gala that premiered in New York´s City Center and London´s  Salders Wells, “Homenaje a Mario Maya”, “Gala Flamenca” in the Sidney Opera House, “Todo Cambia” premiered in the  City Center theatre in New York.

Among his most important productions are Cámara Negra with Olga Pericet, Dos en Compañía with Marco Flores, En sus 13¨ and ¨Rew¨ with Daniel Doña, and his solo dance productions TAURO and SINERGIA both of which have been performed  in many prestigious festivals such as: Festival de La Unión, Festival de Jeréz, Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Música y Danza de Granada, Madrid en Danza, Danza en La Villa among others.

His work as a choreographer was present in the following shows: ¨Cinco Grandes de la Danza de Paco Romero, Cambio de Tercio del Nuevo Ballet Español, Mujeres de Mario Maya, La Casa de Bernarda Alba¨ de La Tati, Dibujos de Belén Maya, De Cabeza de Teresa Nieto, Con Cierto gusto y 150gr de Pensamiento de Rafaela Carrasco. He worked as a Stage Director and choreographer in the Todo Cambia Gala with renowned flamenco artists Pastora Galván and Belén López.

He choreographed for El Real Conservatorio de Danza profesional Mariemma and was a guest choreographer in BALLET NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA in the show Ángeles Caídos and Sorolla.

He premiered his fourth dance company production NOMADA in El Festival de Jerez 2014.



Hugo Boss award (Young talents in the Performing Arts 2003).

First prize for a solo choreography in the Flamenco and Spanish Dance choreography contest in Madrid (2004).

Outstanding Dancer award in the Flamenco and Spanish Dance choreography contest in Madrid (2004).

Bailaor Revelación award by (2006).

Spanish Performing Arts MAX award for Best Choreography within the show ¨De Cabeza¨ (2009).

Finalist, MAX awards in 2009, 2010, 2011 y 2012 for best dance performer.

Bailarín Revelación award in Festival de Jeréz (2012)

Finalist, MAX awards for best choreographer in ¨REW¨ along with Daniel Doña (2013)

Max award 2013 for best male dance performer.

Specialized Critics award Flamenco Hoy for best flamenco dancer (2013 & 2014)

Premio de la critica Festival de Jerez 2016

Max award 2017 for best male dance performer.